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Congratulations Brian & Madeline!

Brian & Madeline were married earlier this wedding season.  They had an amazing ceremony and reception at the beautiful Boulder Ridge Country Club in Lake in the Hills, IL.

Here is a little bit on how Brian & Madeline met from the couple…

Saturday, September 5th 2009

Our story all started with a flip of a coin…. It was Labor Day weekend 2009 and Brian had decided to come home on leave to visit his family. He was stationed in Yuma Arizona at the time, and was not a fan of the desert. That Saturday night he decided to go out with his friend Colleen to a birthday party in Wriglyville at Murphy’s Bleachers. I was with my friend Stephanie, and her boyfriend Pete. We also ended up at the same birthday party that night for our High Schools friends’ birthday.

So there we were at the same bar for the same birthday both outside enjoying the beautiful late summer night. It was early in the evening so there were not that many people at the bar. Brian being the friendly talkative person he is decided to talk to the people sitting at a table under a tree, and who does he sit down next to but myself… and what do I do but refer to him by a different name and ask him what happen to the other guy who was sitting in that chair a few minutes ago….

As the night progressed I warmed up to Brian, with the assistance of Pete and Stephanie who were new in their relationship and were desperate to get rid of their third wheel for the night… So Pete suggested that we play bags, ladies vs. gentleman. During this game I realized there is something really special about Brian. You see I’m terrible at bags, I mean really bad. Brian, being the helpful fella that he is, tried to show me the proper form to throw a bag. He ever so gentle stood behind me and gilded my throwing arm in the proper path to toss a bag. At that moment I got goose bumps and I knew I had to pay attention to this goofy talkative guy who would not leave me alone.

The night got darker and the bar started to fill up but Brian and I spent the entire time talking to each other. It was getting late and Stephanie and Pete wanted to leave for the night, but I was not ready to go, but had no other way home. So I did what all girls would do and head to the bathroom to talk to Stephanie to see if she thought it was a good idea to stay. Stephanie gave great advice which went something along the lines of,” stay he is a nice guy, you know other people here, and if you want a leave just take a cab to my place ” I still wasn’t convinced staying would be a good idea, but when I reached into my purse for a lip gloss I touched a quarter and at that moment I realized that I didn’t have to decided I could leave it up to chance. So I flipped a coin heads stay, tails leave….

It was heads….
The Proposal
Wednesday, May 1st 2013

Brian and I were only a few days into our Germany Vacation. We had arrived late the night before at Neschwantein Castle and it was too dark to see the castle. We decided to go to bed early so we can have an early start the next day. When I woke up the next morning the first thing I did was go to the window in the hopes that I could finally see this castle, but I couldn’t it was foggy, really really foggy. I was so disappointed but, Brian insisted that the fog would lift later this morning and that we could tour the other first.

We toured the first castle and sure enough after the tour most of the fog had rolled out and we could finally see Neschwantein, It was beautiful. We walked around the valley floor for a while and then finally took the bus up to Neschwantein. Unfortunately, we misread our tickets and were 30 minutes early. So we waited quietly, it was weird, Brian is never quiet. When I asked him what was wrong he kept saying nothing and then would avoid staying by me. I just figured he was constipating from all the German Food and beer and let it go. We went on the tour and then afterward shared a pretzel in the dining hall while enjoying the view of the Germany countryside.

After the tour the morning fog had entirely dissipated and you could hear the music from the beer tents on the valley floor, but we both wanted to visit Queen Mary Bridge so up we went. Brian suggested that I should take off my jacket since I will warm up from our assent, so off the jacket went. Huffing and puffing we made it to Queen Mary’s Bridge and it was swarming with tourist. As we wiggled our way through the thick crowed on the narrow bridge we finally got to an empty spot in the middle of the bridge, were we could actually enjoy the view. Below us you could hear the waterfall and watch it cascaded down to the valley floor next to Romanesque castle. Brian was snapping a few picture of me when I suggested we should take a selfie. He insisted we should try to have someone take our picture. As he looked around at what only a few minutes ago had been a thick crowd of people was now an empty bridge. He finally settled on a woman who was with her family. He was hoping for an English speaking tourist, but was not that lucking. As he handed her the camera he showed her the engagement ring in the hopes she would understand what was coming next, she did not…

Never the less Brian got down on one knee on in the middle of Queens Mary Bridge, over a waterfall in the shadow of a castle and popped the question. Obviously I said yes! We celebrated on the valley floor with a pint and some schnitzel… A girl could not have asked for anything more!


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Officiant:  Colleen Baggett
Gown:  Bhldn
Hair:  Angie’s Hair Studio
Flowers:  Fantasy Flowers
Cake:  Cakes By Dea
Music:  Show on the Road

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