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Congratulations Kevin & Renee!

Kevin and Renee’s ceremony was held at St. Walter’s Church in Roselle, followed by a reception at the Medinah Shrine Center.  It just so happens that St. Walter’s is my parish and this was the first time that I photographed a wedding there!  So this was quite the experience for me!  After the ceremony we also made a quick run over to Cantigny for some portraits with the bridal party.  I think that there were definitely some amazing shots that we captured there…

Here are a few words from Renee on how they got engaged!

Flash-forward to December 2016 – Kevin and Renee’s 10 year anniversary had just passed, and Kevin decided that they’d been dating long enough (barely) to pop the question.Kevin had just bought the ring and was desperately trying to keep Renee in the dark about the proposal plans – and we all know how difficult it is to surprise Renee.The cover-up was a swanky dinner with Kevin’s sister and brother-in-law. The plan was to have dinner at the Cherry Circle Room – an old-time prohibition speakeasy on Michigan Avenue.But the real plan was to propose at Cindy’s Rooftop Bar, seven floors above Cherry Circle Room.Before dinner, Kevin’s sister was going to suggest a drink at Cindy’s to “take in the holiday view” from the balcony to set the stage.

As the group made their way up to Cindy’s, Kevin felt the nerves starting to kick in.If you’ll recall, Kevin has quite the romantic side (see “How We Met” for evidence), but if you’re thinking that 10 years of dating would make this moment any easier, even with all that suave charm, you’d be sorely mistaken.Ifyou haven’t been to Cindy’s before taking a picture on the balcony is a no-brainer with the Chicago view in the background.Luckily for Kevin, Renee can’t pass up a good photo op and she immediately suggested a group picture outside.Not so lucky for Kevin, this rushed things a bit and he tends to get flustered when rushed.The group made their way outside, and after a couple group photos, it was time for a picture of just Kevin and Renee.

As they posed for the picture, Kevin went to unbutton his sport coat and pull out the ring.That natural romantic charm came out as he struggled to get the button undone.Since Kevin and Renee had taken about a thousand pictures together, Renee couldn’t understand what he was doing.Confused and slightly annoyed, she asked, “Kevin, what are you doing? Just take the picture…” To which Kevin replied, “Be quiet… just hold on… I’m trying to do something here!” He struggled with the button some more and when he finally got the ring out and got down on one knee, Renee became even more confused and said, “Can you stand up, we’re trying to take a picture!” Which prompted an escalated response as Kevin said, “I’m trying to propose here! Renee, will you marry me?!”Renee capped off the big moment with a “shuuuut up!” which was shortly followed by a firm “yes” and a kiss to seal the deal.

After the moment was over, the group had dinner in the Cherry Circle Room. In the meantime, Kevin and Renee’s family and friends were waiting at a nearby bar to celebrate.After dinner, Renee and Kevin joined the group for a wristband deal and celebrated.

Please check out a few of my favorite photos and a slideshow.


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